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Skincare Clarity Intensive


Strengthen and Celebrate
Your Beauty Confidence

with a proven custom routine, including access to your personal skincare science expert and beauty architect at your fingertips to make your beauty journey simpler, easier and a lot more fun! 

I'm giving you access to my exclusive

and adding my 
How to Map Out Your Beauty Calendar for Each Season” workshop training (value $97) 
as a Free Bonus


➣ 1:1 in-person or virtual skin consultation with me  and an analysis to identify your exact skin type, unique skin code, skin needs and current skin health condition using the SkinMasterclass® Signature Skin Mapping & Coding technique.

➣ I will map out your recommended routine and full steps for morning and evening skincare, aiming to save you time and money throughout your skincare journey

➣ I will identify your recommended ingredients (oils, extracts, vitamins, acids) to incorporate in your skincare, and also ingredients to avoid for your specific skin condition.

➣ I will analyse the strength of your gut: skin relationship and provide you with recipes that will not only make your gut sigh with relief but your skin also

➣ I will provide customised facial exercises for you that will help strengthen your facial muscles to create a support system for your facial skin tightness

➣ The option for follow-up consultations to track your skin progress and any updates required on the skincare routine and products to make sure you maintain your skin radiance and glow

➣ After our session, I will send you your personalised skincare report, which will include information on your skin type, skin needs, ingredients, your new skincare routine and product suggestions

Additionally, you'll get the
"How To Map Out Your Beauty Calendar For Each Season" Training 100% Free as a BONUS (value $97)


My EXACT, step-by-step strategic planning process I’ve been using for mapping out the beauty routines of my celebrity clients, like Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman and others, including ALL brainstorming exercises and processes I use.

The magic trick to setting your yearly beauty goals and building in the perfect amount of white space in your calendar with the help of your own individual compass  (I’m obsessed with this one - because this helps you to plan for any important events or possible stumbling stones in your beauty calendar throughout the year.

The little-known secret I call “ Season Blockingthat I’ve never shared before (shhh!). It includes how to adjust your routine for different seasons and climates. This is the ace up your sleeve if you plan to travel again and want to keep your skin to stay stable and happy.

A game-changing formula that will leave you feeling confident, excited and beautiful every day. If there's one behind-the-scenes gateway to complete beauty self-esteem, this is it!

How to create your future-proofed morning and evening routine that you can easily stick to and all without second-guessing your choices.

How to transform your relationship with your skin from the inside out so you can look and, more importantly, feel your personal best all-around.

The process to identify your unique beauty personality type so you can learn how to speak your own makeup language that expresses and communicates your life and style.

➣ ... And so much more.

Everything is here for you to become the master of your beauty routine, so you can make each year your most self-confident yet!

Yep, even if you’re not following a special beauty routine or you’re not sure where to start. (We’ll talk about that in the training too.)

Uh-huh, even if you struggle to keep a consistent routine going or you’re overwhelmed with the information overload out there (It's okay, it happens! Been there. And I'm here to help you.)

And ohhh yes, especially if you feel you already have it all figured out around your routine. There is always something new to learn and explore that will surprise you. (It can be truly fun with the right level of planning, I promise)

After our time together, you will be empowered to play the strategic long game, foresee and avoid the stumbling blocks as well as follow a healthy and reliable routine. Forever.




I could never have done without Eileen! She always knows exactly what works when and where.

Famke Janssen | Hollywood Actress

What I loved about Eileen is that she takes a truly holistic approach to beauty and the results I see are proof of that... from what to eat for beauty to what is healthy and efficient to put on my face through the seasons. The peace of mind I have now saved me so much time and also money as I don't have to guess what to get anymore. Eileen’s knowledge is so vast in this field and I couldn't be happier that I found her

Amancaya Formica | Yoga teacher | mum of 3

Eileen has the greatest smile and energy to be around with on a long working day. With her creative inputs that more than often seem unconventional, she manages to make me still feel beautiful even at the end of the day

AISHWARYA RAI-BACHCHAN | Actress | Queen of Bollywood

My Eileen, thank you so much for having taken such good, loving care of me since 2005 on the many different fun adventures we were on together...making me always feel so confident and comfortable

NATALIE PORTMAN | Oscar-Winning Actress